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Supporting Healthcare Workers

Achieve Balance & Wellbeing

We all entered healthcare as a calling or with a sense of purpose.  For many of us, the past several years have made it harder to tap into that greater sense of meaning and purpose that is so protective against burnout and career dissatisfaction

Through well established and time tested techniques, Dr. Harry can help you rediscover (or discover for the first time) what brings you joy and a sense of meaning and purpose. Together you can address issues such as relationships, confidence, cognitive load and workflow, leadership development, managing your mind, time management and efficiency, weight loss, finances, substance use, and much more.

Meet Dr. Harry

Physician, Coach & Well-being Expert

Dr. Harry is a practicing Internist, currently practicing in Hospital Medicine which she has specialized in for over a decade. She also practices inpatient addiction medicine. Dr. Harry is a national expert on cognitive load, burnout, & wellbeing, having given over 40 lectures on the topic, both nationally as visiting professors and at conferences and educational forums, as well as locally in her home in Colorado.  Dr. Harry has also held large system leadership roles in provider well-being for the past 5 years where she has partnered with leading institutions across the country to advance the research and dialog around provider wellbeing. She has published many articles in provider well-being and continues to study the impact of systemic and cultural aspects of healthcare systems on individual wellbeing.

Dr. Harry is a mother to three young children and married to a physician. She has extensive expertise in balancing all that life has to offer as a working physician parent.


What I Specialize In

Cognitive Load, Time Management, and Workflow

Confidence, Imposter Syndrome, & Leadership Development

Managing Your Mind

Over Eating or Over Drinking

Mastering Finances

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The journey towards personal and professional fulfillment starts with small steps, every day. Start today.


"A Wealth of Information Causes a Poverty of Attention"
-Herbert Simon, Nobel Laureate

In an era of information overload, identify where you want to place your attention that is in line with your values, how to keep it there, and how to deliver results.  You attention is your most valuable asset. How are you spending it?

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